About Matt Walker

CAM23876_edited color-8x10Matt Walker is a Los Angeles based stand-up comedian, actor, and self described critic of everything. A veteran of the stand-up circuit since 2003, Matt is best known for winning the 2012 Shorty Award, being declared the best comedian in social media.

Matt has worked both in front of and behind the camera on many projects, including acting, audience warm up, script punch-up, editing, and producing his own projects. Explore this site to learn more about him.

Get Matt’s debut comedy album, H8R, on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, or right here on this website.


What the hell is Matt tweeting about now?

If men are blood tested. Why stop the match? If that were the case I would have been undefeated in 1999s #SummerSlam pic.twitter.com/9FoLQVlBZy

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