Archive: October 2003

October 31 2003 finally listed my site. That means Google will have me listed soon, too. 🙂 It’s kickass that my site is listed right between Jimmy JJ Walker and George Wallace. Yaaaaaaay me!

October 29 2003

The ReRun tribute last night went well. We even got to see Dante cry- what a pussy. We also got to hear Dixon Mathews roast Fred- perhaps he didn’t realize it was a tribute show and not a “make fun[…]

October 27 2003

OK, Joe Schmo kicks ass- I can’t believe I watched the whole marathon today. I now am flattered when people say I look like and act like The Hutch. One bit of Hutch trivia- he went to Carnegie Mellon University[…]

October 23 2003

I met Carlos Mencia on Monday night- too bad my roommate acted like a schoolgirl meeting a Backstreet Boy.

October 22 2003

Sad news today- Fred “ReRun” Berry passed away in his sleep. We’re going to do a tribute show next Tuesday in his honor. He was always a great guy, and I’m glad I got to know him the past few[…]

October 21 2003

“I win again! You are player number 9 to have chosen Pol Pot from Cambodia. I knew you were Pol Pot from Cambodia from the start, but I strung you along for a while to make it seem more sporting[…]

October 18 2003

OK, the new Static-X DVD is even better than the CD it comes with. Outstanding. I can’t wait to see their next show. I got to do crowd warm-up work with Dante Thursday night on the film Sueno starring John[…]

October 16 2003

I choked, that’s the bottom line. That’s all I’ve got right now. -Kerry Wood. Uhhh, yeah, you did, but that goes along with being probably the most overrated young pitcher in baseball. Prior is the real deal- but Wood just[…]

October 16 2003

Well, the Cubs choked, and they’re going to blame some fan who didn’t even do anything wrong. I just wonder which will be higher- damage (in millions) or deathtoll in the impending riot?

October 14 2003

Never go to Gambia. This is why the UK is our greatest ally. I wish that was going on here so I could go wave fish and chips at him, too.

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