For those of you that still can’t decide who you should vote for in the June 7th California primary…Be like me! Make my vote count more than once! But yeah, here are my endorsements after researching every candidate running for every office on my sample ballot. Party affiliation appears in parentheses if it’s a partisan office. Go here to find out where to vote on Tuesday.


President: Bernie Sanders (Democrat)
This was the easiest race to decide. Vote for a candidate that supports military intervention that destabilizes regions across the world (and literally lied to use for the past year about her incredibly poor use of technology), or vote for a candidate that won’t entangle us in foreign conflicts. Vote for Bernie.

Senate: John Thompson Parker (Peace and Freedom)
After narrowing down my choices to 4 (out of 34 candidates), I contacted each to request information about what they would do to improve the electoral process (my #1 issue as a voter). His responses were by far the best, and he wins my endorsement.

US Representative, 38th District: Scott Michael Adams (Independent)
He’s better than Linda Sanchez, who has been rather poor in responding to concerns from her constituents during her time in office.

State Assembly, 57th District: Ian Calderon (Democrat)
He’s been OK in the position so far, though I’m not wild about the outsized influence his family has held for the past few decades.

Judicial Elections
These are all hard to research, since every candidate says essentially the same thing. I base these endorsements off of reports from the bar association, media coverage, candidate statements, and what I’ve been able to find out about their careers in law.

Office 11: Debra Archuleta

Office 42: Cyndy Zuzga

Office 60: James Kaddo

Office 84: Susan Townsend

Office 120: Eric Ibisi

Office 158: David Berger  (Note: The bar association doesn’t seem to like him, but his experience and work in Lancaster are very impressive.)

Office 165: Tami Warren

District Attorney: Jackie Lacey
She’s running unopposed. Not much choice there.

Supervisor, 4th District: Steve Napolitano
He seems to be the best choice for the district, though we really need to split things up differently in LA County.

Proposition 50: Yes
This makes a lot of sense. Vote yes to give the legislature a method of dealing with assholes amongst their ranks.