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May 28 2004

Go look for women who have raspberries and strawberies in their fridge… I wonder just how ugly this woman was. It is irresponsible journalism to not include a photo. Everyone knows there’s just something creepy about a clown. OK, I[…]

May 26 2004

Good advice. Anthony, this is for you… This one made me think of Dante…

May 25 2004

What a stud. I’d take the money if I was this guy.

May 24 2004

Yet another reason to NOT go to India. I don’t know why anyone would go there- screw the Taj Majal, I’ll stick with other places I can visit and return without parasites. “We’re not talking about retards here“- Uh, I[…]

May 19 2004

Go read this. Register with to read this if you’re not already. I really want to get a Ho Chi Minh t-shirt and go hang out in Westminster. Those fucking bastards down there are ridiculous- it’s a hotbed of[…]

May 19 2004

Great, a machine designed to emasculate men.

May 17 2004

I’m not supposed to talk about this movie. But it looks like they mixed up the comments with the ones for the horror film by the same name…

May 15 2004

Hey, what’s this bullshit? Is someone out there trying to steal my identity? That kid is too fat and doesn’t have orange hair, so it ain’t gonna work. This guy just looks like a retard.

May 15 2004

I know there are people out there reading this- it’s time for you to speak up and let me know by commenting on the following:

May 13 2004

Hey, this is my name in chinese:

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