Archive: August 2004

August 30 2004

In honor of the Olympics coming to a close, go check out the official Carl Lewis website. Go to “Fun with Carl” and click on “Carl Sings”. Just do it. Go now. You can thank me later. And since I’m[…]

August 30 2004

I had a good time at The Well last night in Covina. Eddie Jarvis always runs really fun rooms. I actually got heckled by the bar regular heckler, and I dealt with him really well. That’s the first time I’ve[…]

August 30 2004

Quick thought- I believe that pot pie goop is probably the finest non-bacon food item ever created. It’s fucking great. ’nuff said.

August 25 2004

I went to college with this guy and now I see he’s in an SBC commercial running during the Olympics. We always just used to say, “There goes Chip” when he came walking by because at that point his biggest[…]

August 22 2004

Dave Taylor should work for the FBI. He asks you questions, and no matter what you say he infers the truth, regardless of whether you deny it or not. Simply amazing. We should station him at the airport, and I[…]

August 16 2004

I’m thankful for the prospects of public humiliation- that’s what keeps me from doing anything really stupid. Hey, why does our Volleyball team have a Japanese coach, and the Germans have a chinese coach? Kind of funny- like how Del[…]

August 16 2004

Who sings that song that starts off, “You make me come- you make me complete. You make me completely miserable.”? I’ve had it stuck in my head all weekend, but just that part, because I don’t remember any of the[…]

August 6 2004

This stuff never stops being funny.

August 5 2004

Ever feel like you’re the last to know something and then you feel like you have egg on your face when you realize what’s really going on? Yeah, me too. CENSORED At least I’m going to save some money in[…]

August 1 2004

Don’t take his license away- give him a medal. We’ve all wanted to do that to someone.