Archive: September 2004

September 28 2004

OK, a big fan of comedy who’s a regular at the Canoga Bowl made a short film out of my Jamba Juice joke, so I put up a copy on the multimedia page. Check it out…

September 27 2004

I’ll keep it short and sweet. A study in opposites: That’s a fat motherfucker. This makes me look like tubby in comparison.

September 26 2004

I got my new headshots back. I’ll be posting a bunch of them on the multimedia page soon, and maybe will do a redesign of sorts on the homepage. Not that anyone cares about this anyways.

September 20 2004

Ahh, coming up on the Fall. The best part of the fall season? The Raiders starting their season, while the Dodgers approach the playofs. The second best part? Friday the 13th marathons on cable. They haven’t officially started, but I[…]

September 17 2004

Europeans are fucking retarded.

September 13 2004

I’m lazy tonight, so I’ll stick with a simple format for this post. Some things that rule: French Toast Pop Tarts DVD Burners that are $40 after rebate Halo Famous Amos Cookies Playboy’s Olympic Issue The Los Angeles Raiders Ron[…]

September 9 2004

If someone uses this software, aren’t they by definition the least likely to be able to use the information? Even I realize there are some times when you should put the Pocket PC away…

September 4 2004

Well, I was dropping off a server last night, and some asshole smashed the driver’s side window on my car. I LOVE my car. Fucking prick. I’ll never know who it was, or why they did it. Nothing was stolen[…]

September 3 2004

My random celebrity sighting for last night. I’m sure many women would be far more impressed than I was.