Archive: March 2005

March 31 2005

Who would have guessed that the vegetable would outlast a GREAT comedian?

March 29 2005

Most appropriately named person ever?

March 25 2005

That’s gotta hurt.

March 25 2005

I was thinking about people I admire- a brief list of the people I admire most (in no particular order):Howard SternRoger EbertVoltaireRichard FeynmanMichael MooreFDRBill ClintonDavid GaribaldiHugh HefnerAl DavisDoctor DreYu SuzukiShigeru MiyamotoJohn CarmackErrol MorrisQuentin TarantinoRodney Dangerfield Don’t know who some of[…]

March 22 2005

Testifying today as a witness for the prosecution at the Michael Jackson trial- Louise “Weezy” Palanker. Someone I’ve met (although I’m sure she wouldn’t know me by name). Why bring this up? 1) it’s cool to say you’ve met someone[…]

March 16 2005

I feel kind of like a loser when the only friends I have on MySpace after 2 months are the dude that runs the site, a chick I’m banging, and her friend. Why don’t I have any hot whores linked[…]

March 7 2005

Updated score: Chimps 2, People 2. That’s why you don’t keep chimpanzees as pets. Stick with helper monkeys.