Archive: May 2005

May 26 2005

Sally O’Malley: Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Sally O’Malley. I’m proud to say I’m fifty years old, I’m not one of those gals who likes to hide her age. And I like to kick! [ kicks ] Stretch! [[…]

May 25 2005

Can you beat my high score?

May 16 2005

My only thoughts on the runaway bride from Georgia, Jennifer Wilbanks…

May 13 2005

Someone asked me to answer some questions about doing comedy for a school project, so I thought I’d post the questions and answers here since I’m a narcissistic bastard. Oh, and before you send me an e-mail to tell me[…]

May 10 2005

I’ve been asked recently by two people what it takes to get hired in radio, so I thought I’d post this here in case anyone has the same questions. This is all my own opinions, and your mileage may vary[…]

May 9 2005

No one cares about this unless they are from Ridgecrest. But if this is the kind of stuff that goes on there, it must be a crappy place to live. Sorry Dante…