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June 3 2016

For those of you that still can’t decide who you should vote for in the June 7th California primary…Be like me! Make my vote count more than once! But yeah, here are my endorsements after researching every candidate running for[…]

May 26 2016

You can see a lot of weird videos on YouTube. Some of the weirdest are foreign commercials. Presented without delay.. First, a racist commercial from China   But is it actually racist, or just blatant copyright violation?   And here’s one[…]

May 5 2016

Hi! There aren’t many of you, but you do exist. I’m sure you were looking forward to finally getting to vote in a presidential primary that wasn’t already decided. As citizens of the most populous and most important state in[…]

March 5 2016

Watch this. Now watch this. I have so many questions: Which one came first? Was there a meeting where someone said, “Hey, we have a white version, why don’t we make a black version?” How much of the animation did they[…]

June 14 2015

I’m overly excited about the N.W.A movie, Straight Outta Compton, which comes out in August, since I’m a big fan of the group.  I am a little disheartened at the marketing for the film, where they seem to forget that MC[…]

June 9 2015

My album, H8R, has been out for a little over a year, and the comedy special has been up on Amazon prime for about 6 months. I was curious about where the people were that have listened/watched, so I pulled[…]

May 27 2015

As everyone knows, FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) is corrupt and has had numerous scandals. Their shenanigans have been going on for decades, and I’ll now tell you about the time my father was involved in what nearly became[…]

December 29 2014

I keep seeing lists of comics to watch in 2015, and as a bit of an insider in the industry, I thought I’d share my list of the top 5 comics to watch out for in 2015! Matt Walker: Seriously, I’m[…]

December 11 2014

After a lot of work dealing with video formats, talking with possible distribution partners, waiting through a 17 day continuous upload of a 100+ GB file, creating a bunch of crappy movie posters to match various specifications…my comedy special is[…]

December 3 2014

I never thought there was any problem with the traditional bowl system, but it seems I am in the minority with that one. College football has been moving steadily towards ruining tradition in favor of big $$$ TV games, starting[…]

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