Archive: February 2004

February 17 2004

Well, my Saturday night show at Wild Coyotes sucked- that’s the worst set I’ve done in at least 4 months. I need to revamp my material before hitting up an all Latino room again. I’m giving myself a month before[…]

February 17 2004

OK, call me a perv if you must- but this chick is hot.

February 8 2004

I just saw this comment in an article about Paris Hilton- “The 22-year-old socialite — best known as star of the Fox reality TV show “The Simple Life” — seeks $15 million in actual damages and another $15 million in[…]

February 7 2004

Uh, shouldn’t this teach us all a very important lesson? If your kid is born with two heads, DON’T try and have one removed, let the kid grow up to be a circus sideshow performer and make a lot of[…]