Archive: April 2004

April 27 2004

9 ways to become the biggest wuss on the planet.

April 26 2004

For all LA comics- check out the name of the truck driver in this story.

April 25 2004

I just got back from the fight at Staples– what a great fight. Vitali is now established as the best heavyweight in the world. Now I just turned on the movie “Notorious C.H.O.”, and I realize that Margaret Cho has[…]

April 22 2004

This is why you don’t eat at small restaurants when visiting foreign countries.

April 22 2004

Vince Neil got in trouble over this broad? She looks extremely mannish if you ask me. He’s a rock star- he can do better.

April 22 2004

So, it’s a big deal that Princess Diana’s family is upset at CBS. Since I missed the TV show, I went looking for the car crash photos on the Internet. I found some strange sites, but none with the actual[…]

April 22 2004

Looks like first lady material to me…

April 21 2004

This is sad news. I used to aspire to be in this book- I still do in some ways. The only record I think I have a shot at breaking is the world’s longest paperclip chain.

April 20 2004

Ever notice that there aren’t any good racial slurs for white people? I feel left out. I’m going to start my own. From now on, “mukluk” is what I’ll use to refer to whitey. It just sounds better than cracker[…]

April 20 2004

Perhaps this is training we should provide our troops.

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