Archive: February 2005

February 25 2005

Wow, this website is the 1,489,926th visited site on the Internet.

February 22 2005

Poor Toby

February 20 2005

What a tragic story. Why would a doctor perform this operation and deprive assholes like me the opportunity to gawk at this freak?

February 14 2005

So Tom Sizemore is in trouble again. The best part of the story is that he’s living in Whittier- maybe I’ll run into both him and Bridget the Midget someday.

February 14 2005

I’ve been playing in “FreeRoll” tournaments on Poker Champs, where they let anyone enter for free and put up small amounts of prize money, just to keep people interested in their site. I’ve probably played in 20 of these, and[…]

February 11 2005

Scumbags. This is exactly why I don’t go to that crappy store. Sure, you can save a nickel on a gallon of milk or a pair of socks, but you lose all your self respect.

February 9 2005

Ahh, a mermaid baby. That’s pretty cool. They should leave her like that so we can find out if she will be a kickass swimmer and break Mark Spitz’s swimming gold medal record. They can put her on tour and[…]

February 1 2005

Looks like I have a big fan. Glad to see people appreciate my comedy.