Archive: May 2012

May 29 2012

I’m about to head out to take my mom to the hospital for a mastectomy. Don’t worry, I’m confident she’s going to be OK. Thankfully, with Kaiser insurance, the cost for today’s surgery is $10. Yes, you read that right[…]

May 27 2012

For example- say you’re at a baby shower and you see this sitting on top of a piano for decoration. Yes, that’s a mammy maraca sitting next to a plastic banana. Is it any wonder that of the 50+ persons[…]

May 22 2012

After trying it, I think it can be done. The trick would be to make sure your mouth is essentially filled with saliva to start, so let it build up before dumping it in. Then DON’T SWALLOW IT RIGHT AWAY[…]

May 22 2012

Sometimes, I agree to do stupid things. One of the stupidest I agreed to do was to try the cinnamon challenge when I got to 7500 followers on Twitter. It happened to coincide with me stopping by the set of[…]

May 9 2012

…big deal. As the great Winston Wolfe says in Pulp Fiction…well, just watch the video below and you’ll see what he has to say. He’s now on the right side of this debate, but let’s look at his history with[…]