I’m about to head out to take my mom to the hospital for a mastectomy. Don’t worry, I’m confident she’s going to be OK. Thankfully, with Kaiser insurance, the cost for today’s surgery is $10. Yes, you read that right- it’s ten dollars. Kaiser functions about the same as the way single payer coverage would- the medical staff work on a for profit basis, while the hospitals are run as non-profits. We need to make this happen in CA so more persons can get this kind of care (and save the state a crap-ton of money and make it more business friendly). So make sure that you support California One Care (http://californiaonecare.org/), it’s going to do more for the economy than most other measures the state is taking. It’s real healthcare reform, not like the crap Obama pushed through that’s a huge giveaway to the insurance companies.

Anyway, I say save your prayers, because I have a Jesus freak aunt that I’m sure is doing more praying than everyone on the Internet combined could possibly do. And since I don’t believe in any of that stuff anyway, please don’t bother. Just make sure you support real healthcare reform so when the people of this state need care, they’ll have it available just as she does. Because if most of us needed similar surgery, it wouldn’t be nearly as affordable.