Archive: June 2012

June 23 2012

If you don’t know who Zayn Malik is, I envy you. He’s the pretty boy in the craptastic British boy band called One Direction. If you would have told me 5 years ago that I would know all the names[…]

June 7 2012

I’ve noticed that the commercial below has been altered in the version I’ve seen on TV lately. First, the commercial as it originally aired. So, were you offended by anything in that? Was there anything that glamorized inappropriate behavior? Do[…]

June 1 2012

Website monitoring services don’t have to be boring. Whew, that’s a relief.

June 1 2012

I saw this commercial today, and really, they should just say “End Laundry Segregation!”  That’s what comes to mind when they imply that you no longer need to separate whites and colors. I believe in laundry equality, and always wash[…]