I’ve noticed that the commercial below has been altered in the version I’ve seen on TV lately. First, the commercial as it originally aired.

So, were you offended by anything in that? Was there anything that glamorized inappropriate behavior? Do you feel the urge to go slap someone now?

Well, apparently Noreen Evans and the idiots in the California Legislative Women’s Caucus were offended, and pressured the state lottery commission to replace that commercial with a version that has the woman blowing a kiss at the man instead of slapping him. That’s what you’ll currently see on the air.

I guess this issue takes precedence over the difficulties in the state budget, finding a way to pass SB 810 to enact single payer care in the state, or myriad other issues that actually matter. This is just another example of legislators getting press by complaining about things that have no effect on their constituents. I hope the good people of Santa Rosa remember this when voting for the state senate in the future.