Category: commercial

May 26 2016

You can see a lot of weird videos on YouTube. Some of the weirdest are foreign commercials. Presented without delay.. First, a racist commercial from China   But is it actually racist, or just blatant copyright violation?   And here’s one[…]

March 5 2016

Watch this. Now watch this. I have so many questions: Which one came first? Was there a meeting where someone said, “Hey, we have a white version, why don’t we make a black version?” How much of the animation did they[…]

June 7 2012

I’ve noticed that the commercial below has been altered in the version I’ve seen on TV lately. First, the commercial as it originally aired. So, were you offended by anything in that? Was there anything that glamorized inappropriate behavior? Do[…]

June 1 2012

I saw this commercial today, and really, they should just say “End Laundry Segregation!”  That’s what comes to mind when they imply that you no longer need to separate whites and colors. I believe in laundry equality, and always wash[…]