Category: politics

June 3 2016

For those of you that still can’t decide who you should vote for in the June 7th California primary…Be like me! Make my vote count more than once! But yeah, here are my endorsements after researching every candidate running for[…]

May 5 2016

Hi! There aren’t many of you, but you do exist. I’m sure you were looking forward to finally getting to vote in a presidential primary that wasn’t already decided. As citizens of the most populous and most important state in[…]

November 6 2012

It’s been a long and annoying election season, and it seems we’re in a time of near perpetual campaigning. But you can tune all those political ads out, and just read this post to find out how you should vote[…]

May 9 2012

…big deal. As the great Winston Wolfe says in Pulp Fiction…well, just watch the video below and you’ll see what he has to say. He’s now on the right side of this debate, but let’s look at his history with[…]

February 7 2012

If everyone that is opposed to Prop 8 had bothered to vote in the first place, all the legal machinations of the past few years would be totally unnecessary. But the decision today does little in the way of actually bringing true[…]

July 15 2011

In light of the impending debt crisis we’re facing in America, there is only one solution. It’s not congress raising the debt ceiling, it’s not cutting spending, it’s not raising taxes. It’s…an Americathon. It just goes to show that all[…]

June 2 2011

How is Ben Shapiro complaining about the content of Sesame Street when he’s is among the gayest pundits I’ve ever seen on TV? Seriously, he makes George Takei look straight. This panel doesn’t seem to understand that the reason Hollywood[…]