If everyone that is opposed to Prop 8 had bothered to vote in the first place, all the legal machinations of the past few years would be totally unnecessary. But the decision today does little in the way of actually bringing true equality to the gay community- here’s a quote from the 9th circuit court:

Whether under the Constitution same-sex couples may ever be denied the right to marry, a right that has long been enjoyed by opposite-sex couples, is an important and highly controversial question. We need not and do not answer the broader question in this case.

<sarcasm>Way to take a stand, 9th circuit.</sarcasm> If the most sensible appeals court in the land can’t say that gay marriage should be legal, there’s little hope that the Supreme court will do so as long as whack-jobs like Scalia and Thomas wield so much influence.

So sure, be happy, but realize that this decision means little in the grand scheme of things. And next time, SHOW UP TO VOTE. It makes a difference.