The roast of Dante went well last night- headlining the stand-up portion was Joey Medina, one of the Original Latin Kings of Comedy currently airing on Showtime. Also roasting Dante were Dixon Matthews, Ken Pringle (head honcho at Chucklemonkey), Fred Burns, Anthony Ramos, Joey Gaynor (who joked that Anthony and Fred were the “handicapped section”), Johnathan Gotsic, Bret Walkow, Sara Watts, and I’m sure some others I forgot. If you see Dante around, be sure to make fun of his hairline and his ears. There’s nothing really all that wrong with either one, but if everyone makes fun of him about those things, maybe we can give him a complex. 🙂 I’m going to do a set at Amagi’s tonight- it will be quite a change from last night, but this is what comedy is all about. Playing shitty little rooms as a way to practice and get better, so when you do play a room with an audience, you can actually make them laugh.