Well, as expected I got NO laughs at Amagi’s- but then, I don’t think anyone did while I was there. Sometimes I wonder about the usefulness of open mic shows where the only people there are other open mic comics who never laugh at anything. Oh, last night something happened that has happened with me before- one of the open mic comics told me they were pretty sure they have seen me on TV doing comedy. I’ve heard that from people before, but I’ve never done stand-up on TV. So there must be some comic out there that looks like me that people assume is me. My only guess is Darren Carter, who is probably the best of all the redheaded comics working today. But I don’t think I look much like him. Reno 911 is one of the best new shows on TV- which means I expect that it will be canceled by the end of the year. If that link doesn’t work, blame the crappy Comedy Central web site. It never seems to actually display the information you’re looking for.