I choked, that’s the bottom line. That’s all I’ve got right now. -Kerry Wood. Uhhh, yeah, you did, but that goes along with being probably the most overrated young pitcher in baseball. Prior is the real deal- but Wood just walks too many people. He’ll always be a Nolan Ryan type- lots of K’s that make for good highlight reels, but walks that just kill his ERA and pile up the L’s. Besides, the Cubs gave Florida their big phenom (D-Train) in a trade last year, and THEY CHEATED (anyone remember that Sammy corks his bat?) to help them win games early in the season- they have no one to blame but themselves. The only real surprise last night is that those drunks who disguise themselves as baseball fans in Chicago (i.e. EVERYONE at Wrigley) behaved themselves. I’m honestly shocked that there weren’t any riots. We get better riots out here in Huntington Park whenever the Mexican soccer team plays- well, ANYBODY. I even wrote a joke about that, but no one gets it unless they’re from East LA.