Yaaaaaaaaaay! I got my new car! I put 176 miles on it the first day- which at $1.65/gallon would have been $18.15 in gas with my Camaro at 16MPG, while with the Prius it is $5.48 at 53MPG- a savings of $12.67. This rocks. I don’t drive that much every day, but if I average 500 miles a week that calculates as follows:

1992 Camaro- $51.56 per week in gas, $206.25 per month

2004 Prius- $15.57 per week in gas, $62.27 per month

That saves enough $$$ to pay for the insurance.

Oh, my car was also just named Motortrend Car of the Year. Something tells me I’ll be posting about this stuff a lot. Pics will be coming very soon.