OK, if this doesn’t show that people are waaaaaaay too uptight about their own sexuality, nothing will. Clearly this dude knew he was banging a man. And clearly he liked it. But he’s probably been raised by a redneck logging family, so he has to pretend to be repulsed and then goes and kills the dude. How can they have sex with the guy, and only afterwards begin to think that he’s a man? Wouldn’t that come out when the banging was going on? Newsflash, there are no clits *that* big. If you bang a tranny, you’re gay. And even if you deny it, you still are.

OK, now I’m uptight, since I realize that last paragraph makes me sound like a homo- no way, I’m all man.

I want one of these.

How is this not the number 1 business story in America? The industry is about $20 billion a year!