Well, I had a shitty night last night.  First I got to do the Friar’s Club in front of all comics, and that wasn’t bad.  Then we drove out to Slick’s in Norco where I tanked.  But after I got home, I started vomiting, probably due to the Cheeseburger I had for dinner.  But it’s so freaking hot that my muscles started cramping up due to vomiting, so I was stuck retching for a couple hours.  Eventually my arms started going numb, so at 4:30 I had my roommate take me to the ER where they stuck an IV in me and I was better- for the most part.  I got out around 8:30 AM, but then barfed again this afternoon, so who knows what’s up with me.  Oh well, tomorrow I’ll sleep like 14 hours and then I’ll feel better.

Hey, this is a kickass song. You can hear Donnie do a good karaoke version of it at the Canoga Bowl every Friday. What ever happened to this guy? Last I heard he was on the Philadelphia Eagles.