I had a good set in San Benardino last night.  There was a strip club just up the street that I heard about on the news today- apparently they are known for doing more than stripping, shall we say?  I haven’t been that far into San Bernardino since I saw Rob Zombie play at the Orange Pavillion with Fear Factory and Monster Magnet.  I got to play for a mostly empty room, but the people who were there really seemed to enjoy my act, so I feel good about how that went.  Tonight I saw for the first time an Eric Edwards film.  National Lampoon’s Senior Trip, in which he plays essentially a fat retard with a thing for blonde Japanese chicks.  High comedy.  It was soooooo good that the director is listed as Alan Smithee– need I say more about the quality of Eric’s work?  Damn, it must suck to have to live that stuff down.  I’ll be sure to bust his balls about it when I see him next.  He has been in some good movies, too.