Ever feel like you’re the last to know something and then you feel like you have egg on your face when you realize what’s really going on? Yeah, me too. CENSORED At least I’m going to save some money in gas now, but with my car that’s really not all that much. Although I did do a calculation and figured that I’ve saved about $1800 on gas so far. Not too shabby. When I get around to it, I’ll forecast when the car will have paid for itself in gas savings, but with gas prices back down to $1.999, I’ll have to make some assumptions about stability in the middle east, and what oil prices will do, and- oh wait, forget it, the oil companies are gonna fuck us no matter what oil prices do. Sorry, for a minute I actually believed that they didn’t have an illegal oligopoly on the market, engaging in practices that violate anti-trust statutes. Oh, I’m now an official card carrying member of the ACLU. Hopefully I’ll get my free t-shirt soon as well.