I just went to Norm’s since it’s late and I was hungry. Right after they seated me, some woman started screaming at the waitress and they had to call the cops to escort her out. I guess she had been ther ewith her party for about 30 minutes and no one had even come over to take a drink order from them. Maybe she didn’t notice, but she was at NORM’S. There are only two waitresses that work there, and one is so old she makes my dad look young. If you want good food and good service, go somewhere else. I didn’t yell when they screwed up my order and gave me a tuna melt instead of a tuna sandwich- I just pointed it out and she brought me the right thing. I didn’t yell when my salad was basically ranch soup with pieces of lettuce floating in it. And for my politeness, when it came time to settle the bill, the waitress told me the meal was on her.

I watched Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel the other day, and saw the reason why we should end our reliance on foreign oil and just kill all the sheiks (except the Iron Sheik– he’s cool). No need to blow the whole place up, let the commoners be- it’s not their fault every rich arab is an asshole.