Well, one of my oldest friends got engaged on his birthday this past August, and last night he asked me to be his best man at the wedding on Sept. 2, 2006. I personally think he’s just trying to take advantage of my knowledge of places such as Little Darlings, and I promise that this will be the bachelor party to end all bachelor parties. I’ve somehow managed to make it to 31 years old with none of my close friends tying the knot, but now that he’s doing so, I fear he’s going to start a trend. It is an honor to be someone’s best man, though, so now I have to think about what will be appropriate for me to discuss in the toast. Hmm, doesn’t he know better than to ask a comedian that knows waaaaay to much about him to do something like that? Like the time he got so drunk he took a shit on the floor…nah, I’ll keep that quiet.