You may or may not know about a cool website called Basically, you go to the site, and you can either offer your services or buy the services of others. Here’s the catch- everything is $5. So you can find people willing to do some odd things (i.e. take a picture of themselves holding up your company logo while wearing a giant banana suit), and some useful things (i.e. chopping up an HTML file into an XML blogger template).

I used a fiverr member to help get my blog code for this site converted to XML, which saved me, oh, 10 hours worth of effort. I’ve offered up my services on fiverr, and you can see that offer here. My offer is to film a short video insulting anyone or anything you choose, which is an area of my expertise.

So if you want something goofy (like a bracelet made out of duct tape) and don’t want to spend a lot of money, or if you have a product or service you can offer for next to nothing, check it out!