Every Sunday, I’m going post music from a band that you’re probably not listening to, but should. It’ll be a pretty eclectic mix of music, and really the only genre that I expect to never suggest will be that New Wave/Emo garbage that the Goth kids seem to love. That being said, the inaugural installment of Sunday’s Band That You’re Not Listening To…But Should is Fleshwrought.

Not to be confused with Fleshrot (they’re another band with a homonym for a name, and they are quite similar in sound), Fleshwrought is the vanity project of Navene Koperweis. Yes, I’ve never heard of him either. He normally plays in a progressive rock band called Animals as Leaders, but apparently he has a soft spot in his heart for some good Cookie Monster Metal (generally referred to as Death Rock).

What makes Fleshwrought unique amongst growl metal bands is that he plays ALL of the instruments. Guitar, bass, and drums. Watch the video, and it’s amazing that he’s THAT good at all 3. He has Jonny Davy adding vocals, but really, I don’t know why he doesn’t just do it himself. It’s really not that hard to “sing” when all you need to do is clear your throat. No one can ever understand a word anyway. Give it a listen, it’s what one would call “Experimental Metal”. Kind of like Dream Theater, only not gay.