I love hypocrites, simply because it’s so fun to see them squirm when they get caught. Dante places them in the 8th Circle of Hell in his Inferno, and I hope the perpetrators of this end up roasting there with some juicy hamburgers. Mmmm, hamburgers. Loaded with bacon and cheese, and hey- even avocado, you vegans can eat that, right?

The most disturbing thing to me is the needless meat bashing that goes on by the people that are offended by this. A quote from the whackjob QuarryGirl blog reads as follows:

Do you like looking at pictures of meat? How about a juicy beef burger, covered in egg mayonnaise with cow fat dripping off? Perhaps some soft, meaty chunks of chicken breast in chicken stock and cream? What about a pork sausage, oozing in pig fat, fresh from the slaughterhouse? OK, let’s tone it down a little. Perhaps you like to look at egg mayonnaise potato salad, made with eggs from those poor battery hens that are dead basically from the moment they are born. How about creamy mac and cheese made with real cow’s milk, pulled painfully from their sore and tender udders, infused with antibiotics, pain and anguish?

To answer those questions in order, I have to say- yes, yes, yes, and oh god, hell yes. Potato salad is boring, so no, and screw those chickens- I want to east some eggs, damnit. If they’re dead buy can still lay them, then give me some zombie chicken eggs. Mac and cheese? Mmmm, definitely yes!
The FACT is that humans are omnivores- if you choose to restrict your diet to just plants, so be it. But don’t try and make me feel guilty for eating the flesh of an animal, when animal flesh is delicious. These persons would tell you to not eat ice cream because it comes from an animal product. Are they crazy? Any world that doesn’t include ice cream is not a world in which I want to live.
I’ll sum this up with a quote from the great Rumpole of the Bailey when offered a salad:

Who am I to take food from the mouths of starving rabbits?