In 1999, I went to see Fear Factory play at the House of Blues, and had a great time watching the opening band. They handed out cassette tapes that were demos for their upcoming debut album, and I just about ore mine out with how much I played it. That band was (and is) Static-X, and I’ve since seen them play live about 15 times. If you ever want to see a high energy band in concert, Static-X is the band for you.

They blend genres, and describe themselves as “evil disco”, though I think most would agree with my assessment that they’re an industrial/metal hybrid. Wayne Static has an interesting vocal style, with a very staccato delivery that uses rhythm as much as pitch to create a melody. Here’s Static-X performing Push It live at the Ozzfest a few years ago.

They’ve seen a few changes in lineup (switching drummers and guitar players) but those have been mostly inconsequential. As long as Tony Campos and Wayne Static are in the band, their sound will be the same. It seems that their record label has blocked the embedding of official music videos, but I did find a video of a woman belly dancing to Brain Fog. And really, that’s better, isn’t it?