When I went to China back in 2004, I remember the TV shows on the flight were amazing. It was all Japanese television, which is a treat. One was a reality show that had a translated title of something along the lines of I Can Do It. Basically, they took a 4 year old kid and gave them a task like “Get on the subway, travel to the market 3 stops away, buy a specific item, then bring it home with the change.” Then they would follow the kid with hidden cameras, and cause problems along the way, turning it into a show where you watch a kid get scared by ordinary things and end up crying the whole time. It was highly entertaining, though probably child abuse.

Even the Candid Camera knock-offs they do in Japan are far better than the ones we have here. This is a great fake scare, much better (and funnier) than anything I ever saw on Scare Tactics. (Well, besides seeing what Shannen Doherty looked like post-Charmed.)