Here an excerpt from an interesting article:

Reporters at USA Today and The Daily Beast busted Facebook for hiring a PR firm to spread negative stories about Google to the media.

Seeing stories such as this, it really makes me think that Facebook knows the writing is on the wall for their dominance in the Social Media field. Facebook is running into the same problem Myspace did- overwhelming amounts of spam are going to drive users away. With its open app platform, it’s far too easy for app developers to send spam in the form of wall posts, messages, notifications, and tags, and also to grab the personal details of the Facebook user base. If someone goes out and invests a ton of money in any social media platform, they should have their head examined. I don’t know what the next big thing will be (Tumblr? Formspring?), but I look forward to using it, just as I used Classmates, Friendster, and Myspace before you.