…about your stupid kids that were giant dumbasses who thought it was a good idea to go hiking in Iran. Have your hunger strike, I’ll be eating burgers and donuts.

MINNEAPOLIS — The mothers of two Americans held in Iran for nearly two years said they are starting a hunger strike Thursday in solidarity with their sons, whom they believe are fasting while awaiting trial on espionage charges…

…She said others, including Bauer’s fiancée, Sarah Shourd, 32, will join the “rolling” hunger strike on Saturday.

“When we can’t do it anymore, we’ll hand it off,” Hickey said.

OK, if you’re going to waste your time on this, at least waste your time having a real hunger strike. There is no such thing as a “rolling” hunger strike. Once you eat, the strike is over. If you can’t understand this, it’s no wonder you raised two morons that thought a good vacation would be hiking near the Iranian border. Death Row inmates have had more conviction to their hunger strikes than these two.