For quite some time I’ve thought of most new music as crap to which I would never listen. I know that makes me sound like my father, but we all get to that point eventually. More than once I’ve said, “Lady Gaga? I’d only buy her album if they paid me to do it.” Well,, wonderful company that they are, has done just that.

They ran a promotion a couple weeks ago selling the MP3 version of Lady Gaga’s new album for $0.99. Yes, $0.99 for the whole album. Ashamed as I am to admit this, I got suckered in by the bargain that it was, and bought a copy (it was a buck, and apparently we now know the price of my integrity.) They had problems with the download process, however, and it took them a couple days to make all of the tracks available for download.

Here’s the good part- today I get an e-mail from Amazon apologizing for the inconvenience (which I couldn’t have cared less about) and it included a credit for $5 to spend on anything they sell. So what that means is that Amazon paid me $4.01 to take Lady Gaga’s new album off their hands. It looks like I get back some small shred of my dignity, since when the songs come up on my Zune I can say, “Hey, they paid me to take it!”