The people that are super excited about the IPO of Linked-In are probably the ones that have pumped up Apple stock to the point where it’s worth more than Microsoft and Intel combined. Never mind the fact that they generate far more revenue and have much larger user bases, but hey, Apple makes those nifty phones that do all kinds of great stuff well. Except, you know, work as a phone.

Look, I’ve used Apple computers for 25 years, and I remember my first experience with a Mac. It was awesome, and the technology they lifted from Xerox has been used in great ways. I think they made great strides when they dumped their old code and moved to a Unix based OS. They make some great computers, and employ the best graphic and industrial designers in the industry.
The cult of personality surrounding Steve Jobs is out of control, though. Slapping the Apple logo on a cool looking device doesn’t make it better than the competition, and current success in tablets and phones doesn’t mean they will be leading the market in 10 years (or even 2, things move fast in the world of technology). So if you are out there buying the stock of overvalued technology companies, you deserve to lose your money when the bubble bursts. It’s just too bad that you’re going to end up losing your money to dirtbag bankers and brokers.
Here’s the thing- Wall Street is a gamble, plain and simple. You’re better off learning to count cards and taking your money to Vegas, because at least there you know the rules and there is no cheating.