In case you were wondering why so many Dodger fans are disgusted with the current owners of the team, this article is a pretty good rundown of what they’ve done wrong.

This is the first year in the past three decades where I will not attend a major league baseball game. I am one of the many who is refusing to go to Dodger stadium as long as someone named McCourt is in control of the team. While all of the things mentioned on that site are reprehensible actions, some that are just truly mind-blowing are:

Placed two sons on the payroll despite neither having an identifiable position with the club.

Paid Vladimir Shpunt, an elderly Russian self-proclaimed “faith healer” who knew little about baseball, approximately $600k to send the team “V Energy” from his home in Boston. Yes, that’s a thing which really happened.

Paid Howard Sunkin, a Frank associate and head of the Dodgers Dream Foundation, a salary commensurate with a charity nearly 90 times as large. (The money was later repaid.)

Took at least $100m out of the team for personal use.

If I were to tell you a story about someone that set up his sons with no show jobs, hired a faith healer, stole money from a charity, and siphoned (embezzled?) $100 Million dollars from their business, you’d probably think I was talking about the Sopranos. But no, that’s Frank McCourt for you. These aren’t even related to all of the baseball mistakes that he’s overseen.

Bud Selig was irresponsible for allowing him to finance the purchase of the team, and shares a great deal of the blame. It’s ironic that he’s now our only hope as a savior, since he can have MLB come in and take over the team due to the bankruptcy.

It’s time to grab the pitchforks and torches and run McCourt out of town.