I decided to add every Matt (and Matthew) Walker I could find on Twitter, since we share the same name. We have some famous people that are also Matt Walkers, including an NHL player, a drummer that played with the Smashing Pumpkins and Filter, and a cricket player (cricketer? cricketeer?) that apparently does quite well for England. With my love of fame, numbers, and the Internet, here is how we rank in Twitter followers (as of 8/5/11):

Standard Deviation: 1508.329
I never took statistics, so I don’t know what the value of knowing the Standard Deviation is, but Excel spat it out, so there you go.
As the 6th most famous Matt Walker on Twitter, I implore you to get your friends to follow me- I’m almost 600 behind number 5, but I can take him out by the end of the year with your help! I know that someday I will be the most famous Matt Walker on Twitter, and you, dear readers, can make that happen. If you do, I’ll get Glickman to record a video with me where we do impressions of Beavis and Butthead watching a Big Time Rush video, and you know you want to see that.
That’s a Matthew Walker knot up there, allegedly one of the toughest knots to unravel.