I saw this article today about a woman that is eschewing mirrors for a year, 6 months of which leads up to her wedding. Knowing that she will want to look her best as a bride, I’m willing to help- my offer will follow this brief excerpt:

“I picked out my wedding gown before the project started. Looking in the mirror for hours and feeling critical of myself was one of the main motivators,” Gruys tells YouBeauty. “I want my wedding to be about my partner, Michael, and me, and about our loved ones—not about whether or not I dropped 10 pounds to squeeze into my dress.”

(As an aside, the young scholar’s doctoral work at UCLA includes a dissertation that examines clothing size standards in the U.S. fashion industry, an especially fitting — pun intended — and introspective theme.)

First of all, get a new subject for your thesis- who knew studying clothing sizes can get you a Ph.D.? Doesn’t that water down the importance of persons that got theirs for scientific breakthroughs?

Secondly, I offer to come to your house every day and tell you that you’re fat, thus providing the motivation needed to look your best on your wedding day.

You’re welcome (and fat).