I’ve been watching a lot of Maude lately, because it comes on at a convenient time, it has a great theme song, and well, it holds up rather well considering it’s almost 40 years ago that it was made. Sadly, much of what was done then could NEVER be done on TV today. I’ve seen episodes that deal frankly with divorce, gay rights, alcoholism, domestic violence, and race relations. Good luck finding a sitcom on network TV that addresses those issues these days. It’s also fun to see actors that ended up in other shows, such as Conrad Bain, Rue McClanahan, and guest stars galore that seemed to show up in every Norman Lear show on the air.

This is a funny bit that I’m sure would be seen as insensitive to some of today’s viewers:

And this clip is something that I’m sure couldn’t be done.

And then there’s Maude!

Kudos to you, Norman Lear; your run in the 70s with Maude, All in the Family, Good Times, The Jeffersons, and Sanford and Son will never be matched!