I don’t know why I bother reading espn.com- I just get annoyed at all the stupidity that they spew, but this was exceptionally bad. I can’t believe they pay money to Adam Schefter, who wrote this brilliant analysis:

Dallas: For the past five years, the Cowboys have alternated between good and bad seasons. Nine wins in 2006, 13 wins in 2007, nine wins in 2008, 11 wins in 2009, six wins last season. Which means the Cowboys are poised, once again, for double-digit wins.

Here’s a suggestion for ESPN; have Adam Schefter flip a coin a bunch of times and chart how the coin tosses come out. Then, ask him to use that data to predict how his next coin toss will end up. If he thinks that he can, then he should be fired, because that’s stupid. And that is what he’s doing with the passage above.

They should at least stamp the word “Idiot” on his forehead.  Remember that he wrote this as actual analysis the next time you see him trotted out on TV being called an expert.