…is what I should be called for letting myself get talked into seeing Our Idiot Brother.  It’s a comedy of sorts that is basically devoid of humor.  Did you chuckle at the commercial or trailer?  If so, you’ve seen the only funny moments in the entire film.  I’m actually not certain it should be classified as a comedy, since there weren’t really any jokes to speak of.

The cast is, well, bad.  It has no star power whatsoever, with the incredibly bland Paul Rudd and Zoey Deschanel as the two biggest names.  None of the actors had anything particularly interesting to say or do, and let me make two statements that are absolutely true:
  1. Paul Rudd is NOT a movie star– sure he’s been in movies, and he’s an OK actor, but he doesn’t have the charisma to be the lead in a movie and keep my interest.  He’s fine as the friend, the neighbor, the nice guy co-worker- but not the main star.  If you put Jason Bateman in this movie instead of Paul Rudd, it still would have been bad, but far less so.
  2. Zoey Deschanel is NOT hot– she’s cute, but she’s maybe the 1000th hottest chick in Hollywood, and she has just about zero sex appeal.  That’s not to say she’s unattractive, but you can’t count on her being the sexy character in your movie.  They butched up Rashida Jones who played her lesbian girlfriend, and she was much hotter even when dressed as a man.  Now Zoey is going to be in a TV series where she’s complaining that she can’t get laid. Even if she’s incredibly annoying, she can get laid.  Have you seen the guests on daytime talk shows?  If they can get laid, Zoey Deschanel can, so stop it, I don’t believe your premise.
Elizabeth Banks was in the film, who normally would be the hot chick, but she has either hit the wall or they just uglied her up for some reason.  She doesn’t look at all like the woman in that photo.  It’s always sad to see a formerly beautiful woman turn the corner, but that’s what seems to have happened to her.
This movie really was grasping at straws with some of the plot points, and they even tried for the big gross out laugh by having a middle aged naked man bending over in front of the camera- no one wants to see that.
I’ll rate this movie on the traditional IQ scale, from Idiot (IQ below 20) to Genius (IQ of 140+).  This movie is a Moron (IQ of 50-69), and if you’re not one, you probably won’t enjoy it.