OK, so last week I ended up 7-6-2 and 2-2 in my best bets.  So I’m marginally better at prognosticating NFL games than a coin, but we’ll see if I can do better this week.  Lines are taken from fooballlocks.com; home team is in CAPS.

CINCINNATI -2.5 over San Francisco- the Bengals are a bad team, but the Niners are an awful team.
New England -7 over BUFFALO- Buffalo won last week due to a second half breakdown by the Raiders.  Sure, Fitzpatrick is for real, but New England seems to be primed for a “stomp on their throat and remind them they’re the doormats of this division” game.
NEW ORLEANS -4 over Houston- Drew Brees will torch the Texans secondary.
New York Giants +8.5 over PHILADELPHIA- I think the Giants win outright.  Philly has some major problems, and I don’t think Vick stays healthy the entire game.
Miami +2 over CLEVELAND- Miami isn’t *that* bad, and Cleveland isn’t that good.
TENNESSEE -7 over Denver- The Broncos are a mess, and we’re about 6 weeks away from the fan base going nuts when Brady Quinn gets to start ahead of Tebow.
Detroit -3 over MINNESTOA- The Vikings are a two man team- AP and Jared Allen. Detroit has a pretty good squad this year.
CAROLINA -3.5 over Jacksonville- Cam Newton will fall back to earth pretty soon.  Just not this week.
Kansas City +14.5 over SAN DIEGO- San Diego will win big, but 14.5 is just too many points to lay.
OAKLAND +3 over New York Jets- The Raiders win outright.  Of course, you will read me write that every week, so take this pick with a grain of salt.
Baltimore -5 over ST. LOUIS- The Rams are probably the class of the NFC West.  That’s not saying much, and Baltimore will win easily.
Atlanta +1.5 over TAMPA BAY- Atlanta beat the “Dream Team” last week, and this week should take care of Tampa.
Arizona -3.5 over SEATTLE- Arizona stinks. Seattle stinks worse. Tarvaris Jackson?  Really?
Green Bay -4 over CHICAGO- the Packers defense is primed for about 173 sacks tomorrow.  The Chicago O-line is that bad.
Pittsburgh -10.5 over INDIANAPOLIS- It’s a lot of points to lay, but the Steelers should romp the Colts.
Washington +5 over DALLAS- I think Dallas wins the game, but not by 5.

Best Bets: New England, New Orleans, Miami, Detroit, and Green Bay

Season Totals
Overall: 7-6-2
Best Bets: 2-2