Finally a good week at picking games ATS. 9-4, not too shabby, eh?  Even my best bets went 3-0. If ever there was a week to heed my advice and head to your bookie, that was it. I doubt I will be as successful this week.  But the Raiders won one for Al Davis, and they are now firmly in the playoff race. They could easily be at 6-2 heading into the November 10th game against the Chargers, and it looks like it’s a two team race in the AFC West.

As in previous weeks, I’m getting the lines for this week from the ESPN Pigskin Pick’em game, and the home team is in caps.

ATLANTA -4.5 over Carolina- The Falcons are not a very good team this year, and it seems their all in move at the draft for Julio Jones didn’t work out as they had hoped (for this season, at least). That being said, Carolina is still a terrible team, despite Cam Newton playing like the second coming of, well, Jake Delhomme in that year he took them to the Superbowl? Carolina obviously hasn’t really had much of a QB history to speak of.
Buffalo +3.5 over NEW YORK GIANTS- The Bills are for real, and after the stink bomb the Giants dropped last week (letting Tarvaris Jackson beat them at home), I’ll take the points and be happy to get them.  I think Buffalo wins outright.
CINCINNATI -6.5 over Indianapolis- Indy is pretty much in tank mode, so the questions now are how long will they keep Peyton Manning after they draft Andrew Luck? Will he wind up on another team haunting them at some point? And who will be the coach, since Jim Caldwell isn’t going to be the man to do it?
DETROIT -4.5 over San Francisco- Sure, San Fran dropped 48 on Tampa last weekend. I still say we’re looking at Alex Smith on the road in a hostile dome crowd. I’ll gladly lay 4.5 with a better team.
GREEN BAY -14.5 over St. Louis- The Packers should win this by 20+, because St. Louis is completely lost at this point. Injuries have taken their shot at the NFC West away from them.
WASHINGTON -0.5 over Philadelphia- The Skins aren’t playing well, and it’s nice to see that Ryan Torain is still alive. Philly, how’s that dream team thing working for you? THIS is why you don’t make your former offensive line coach your defensive coordinator when you have a bunch of high priced new pieces to incorporate.
Jacksonville +12.5 over PITTSBURGH- The Steelers have had some offensive line issues, and while I think they win this game, I don’t see it being this big of a blowout.
OAKLAND -5.5 over Cleveland- The Raiders at home with a sellout and a tribute to Al Davis against a bad Browns team. They’ve played 4 quality opponents in their first 5 games, and now they get to feast on a cupcake. This line should be closer to 7.5 than 5.5.  Also, if Seabass plays this well for the rest of the season, he’s a lock for the Pro Bowl.
Houston +7.5 over BALTIMORE- Sure, Baltimore has played well this year. They also got blown out by the Jags. I think Houston keeps it close, so give me the points.
Dallas +7.5 over NEW ENGLAND- The Pats are looking to be one of the best teams in the NFL again this year. But Dallas isn’t as crappy as they’ve looked, and I could see them losing by 6, rather than 7.5. I’ll take the points and cross my fingers.
New Orleans -4.5 over TAMPA BAY- Did you see what the Niners did to the Bucs last weekend? Can you imagine what Drew Brees was thinking when he saw that score? This line should be waaaaay higher.
CHICAGO -3.5 over Minnesota- The Bears stink, but Minnesota has tried to win in exactly one game this year. I predict another frustrating day for AP, as The Vikes refuse to give their best player the ball in the 4th quarter yet again.
NEW YORK JETS -7.5 over Miami- Brandon Marshall has been spouting off, which is just the kind of trash talk the Jets normally employ. When you’re playing the mind games your opponent is known for, it’s not a good sign, especially with a terrible quarterback. Look for Rex Ryan to gloat at his press conference as the Jets win easily.

Best Bets: Detroit, Oakland, Green Bay, New Orleans

Season Totals
Overall: 33-24-3
Best Bets: 10-6-1