Back to back weeks of 9-4 ATS? Looks like my skills as a prognosticator are getting better. Too bad I was only 2-2 with my Best Bets. Injuries have sure thrown the Raiders into upheaval- lets hope Carson Palmer can play Jim Plunkett to Jason Campbell’s Dan Pastorini. If you don’t understand that reference, you need to pay more attention to Raiders history. OK, on to the picks. As always, home team is in caps, and the lines are taken from the ESPN Pigskin Pick’em game.

DETROIT -3.5 over Atlanta- Sure, the Lions choked against the Niners last week in a game they should have won. And that whole Harbaugh-Schwatrz handshake showed off that two of the douchiest coaches in the NFL are always worth watching when they go up against one another. But let’s not forget- Matt Ryan isn’t as good now as he was 2 years ago, and he has much better weapons. I think the emperor has no clothes, much like Vince Young was exposed after a year or two. The Lions will win.

TAMPA BAY +0.5 over Chicago- The Bucs are a frisky team, and they’ve got a decent shot at the NFC South if the Saints keep playing like crap. The Bears seem like they’re trying to get Mike Martz fired before the end of the year, so I’m taking Tampa at home.

Seattle +3.5 over CLEVELAND- the Browns are a terrible team. Their only two wins were over bad teams, and last week the only thing that kept them from being totally blown out was an injury to Jason Campbell. They might not win again this year. Take the points.

Denver +3.5 over MIAMI- well, we know what the toilet bowl of the weekend is. Denver is awful, and they’re staring Tebow just to keep the populous of Denver from rioting. Miami is a horrendous team, and they’re right on track to get Andrew Luck next spring. Denver should squeak out a win on the road, so I’ll take the points.

TENNESSEE -3.5 over Houston- The Texans are done, and it seems Gary Kubiak will be fired when the season is over. Injuries really took them out of the running this year. Hasselbeck will lead the Titans to victory.

NEW YORK JETS +1.5 over San Diego- In case you haven’t been paying attention, the Chargers have barely beaten bad teams, and lost to good teams. The Jets are starting to get back on track. I’ll take the points and the home crowd, and I expect the Jets to win easily.

Washington -2.5 over CAROLINA- Carolina likely has the better QB in this game, and Shanahan is staring his Shanahanigans in Washington with the benching of Rex after one bad game. That being said, Carolina isn’t a good team, and Washington is less terrible than they are. I’ll lay the points.

OAKLAND -3.5 over Kansas City- The Raiders lost their starting QB, and it looks like Kyle Boller will start this weekend. Seabass might also be out for the game, so that’s two big injuries to the Raiders. Let’s not forget that the Chiefs are awful and also injury riddled, so the Raiders should rely on a strong running game to put this one away. Lay the points.

Pittsburgh -3.5 over ARIZONA- I’m shocked that the Steelers are only favored by 3 and a half in this one. Lay the points and be happy to do so.

St Louis +12.5 over DALLAS- The Cowboys should win this game easily, but I expect a few Romo chokes in the 4th quarter to keep the game closer than 12 and a half.

Green Bay -8.5 over MINNESOTA- The Vikings aren’t even trying to win anymore, which is killing my fantasy season. The Pack should roll by well more than 8 and a half.

Indianapolis +13.5 over NEW ORLEANS- The Colts are showing a bit of life lately, and the Saints haven’t really put together a complete game yet. While Nawlins will win, I think that’s just too big a line for them to cover. Take the points.

Baltimore -7.5 over JACKSONVILLE- The Ravens have been an up and down team this season, though it’s only cost them one loss. They’ve had a very soft schedule all year save for the Steelers, and Jacksonville isn’t going to change that. The Ravens win big, and with their easy schedule, they might have the inside track at home field advantage in the AFC.

Best Bets: Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Baltimore

Season Totals
Overall: 42-28-3
Best Bets: 12-8-1