By now, if you’re bothering to read this you should know that I won the 2012 Shorty Award for the #comedian category. It was a great excuse to visit New York City where I had a great time. In the same category as me were Jim Norton, one of the best comedians working today, and Smosh, the Sacramento based couple that make funny videos that have many orders of magnitude greater views than anything I’ve ever done online. There were also some accounts that have nothing to do with the world of comedy that were finalists, due to a nominating process that amounts to little more than an online popularity contest.

If the award was for the best comedian that uses Twitter of this crop of finalists, then there is a clear winner, and that’s Jim Norton. But if the award is for the comedian that uses Twitter the best of these finalists (and that’s how I believe the award is intended to be viewed), then yeah, I guess I did deserve to win.

Based on Twitter follower counts, each of the competitors I was up against has tens if not hundreds of thousands of followers more than I do. I think the Shorty Awards voters try to select winners that are not as well known as the many celebrity accounts out there. And lets face it- winning this award would mean nothing for Jim Norton’s career, while it’s really the only recognition I’ve received as a comedian.

I also think my willingness to attend the ceremony had something to do with my win, and whatever the reasons are, I’ll take it.

Now, if you’re a Big Time Rush fan, then we all know what you really want to know about…the clothes I promised to give away if I won. I will be doing so, and here are the details:

  1. I have 4 shirts and 4 jackets I was given on the last day of shooting Season 2 of BTR in May of 2011. These will all be given away, as well as some movie memorabilia I have from Harry Potter, Rio, and Planet of the Apes.
  2. I downloaded a list of all the nominations I received for the Shorty Award- if you nominated me, you’re eligible. If you didn’t, better luck next time- you’re SOL.
  3. I have the nominations in an Excel spreadsheet, and am using the RANDBETWEEN function to select one of the cells that contains a nomination. If it picks yours, you win!
  4. It will take too long to ask each of you what you want, so I’m just going to pick what each person gets (again, at random). If any winners want to trade with one another, you can handle that amongst yourselves.
  5. I will tweet each winner (and make sure that I follow them) asking them to DM me their address so I can send them their winnings. This will happen on either Friday or Saturday, so watch your Twitters for mentions from me.
  6. The winners will have one week to claim their prize. After that, I reserve the right to select an alternate winner at my discretion, or keep it if it’s one of the things I like to wear.
  7. That’s it! Thanks again for your nominations which got me to be a finalist and allowed me to win this award.
P.S. Want to know what the Shorty Award looks like? Here you go.