In the wake of the Gregg Williams audio that came out today, I thought this quote was interesting, This is a brief excerpt from an interview new Raiders coach Dennis Allen (who was a defensive assistant with the Saints a couple years ago) gave:

Q: With the ongoing bounty story, does that at all taint the championship you won there and did you have any direct knowledge of the bounty system in place?

Allen: What I’m going to say about it is, No. 1, I’m proud of the success that we were able to have there, and No. 2 , I’ve moved on, and I’m really a lot more interested in what’s happening with the Oakland Raiders and trying to prepare ourselves for the upcoming season. What’s happened in the past, I’ve really moved on.

Yep, that pretty much means he knew. But he was a low level coach with the Saints, so I don’t think there will be any repercussions for the Raiders from this admission, and as such I don’t care.