<nerd post>
Yes, I’m aware that responsiveable isn’t a word. But it’s just an excuse for me to show off what I’m working on right now as a change to this site. I’m making a new design that is responsive, meaning it will dynamically resize the images on the page as needed to fit in a browser of any size. So here’s what the header of the page looks like at full size (browser window width of 1140+) and a few smaller sizes (1024, 800, and 320). You’ll have to click on the images to see them full size to really see the difference (and make sure your browser is at least 1140). You’ll note that when it gets below a threshold, it stacks the elements on top of one another, crafting a mobile version of the site on the fly with CSS. It’s using a 12 column CSS grid system with a base width of 1140. I’m not used to using em based spacing instead of px, but for this type of project it’s a must. It works in all modern browsers, and there’s a hack to set it at a fixed width for IE6 and 7, but who cares what anyone using those browsers sees? Their computers are probably filled with so much spyware and ad pop ups they can’t even see a web page anyway. Look for this to launch in the next couple of weeks.
</nerd post>